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Looking for a personal trainer or fitness consultant in Regina?

Complete Mind & Body Training in Regina can help you no matter your current condition. Whether you are looking to gain back your youthful physique, lose a few extra pounds, train for the Queen City Marathon. If you are looking to impress your friends with your long golf drive or you just need someone to plan and motivate you to work out.

Jonathan Metz, CSEP Certified Trainer, with Mind & Body, offers many Fitness Programs from customized sport training to one on one and group work out sessions to every day exercise for seniors. Find our more about Mind & Body, review our Fitness Programs or if you are ready, Contact Mind and Body Training to have a consultation.

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Personal Trainer in Regina - Jonathan Metz

If you are serious about Losing Weight or
just Getting Back Into Shape

A personal trainer is a step in the right direction. Mind & Body can help you meet your goals.

Our goal is to offer ‘One on One’ personal training, combined with a Weight Loss program, you are guaranteed to meet you goals.

We will work at your pace. It’s not easy to get going and if you need more time to get started, we will work with you.

Ready for fitness training? Start Today!

We work at your pace. No pressure – just motivation and support. Lose weight – Gain Self esteem. 


Proper guidance from a trainer can help develop your body in a challenging yet safe way. Personal Trainers address your awareness of activating muscles being used in each exercise.


Having a person or group of individuals who will provide you reinforcement for your efforts is important regardless of where, when, or why you exercise.

Prevent Injury

One-on-one personal training is an effective method for changing attitudes and thereby increasing the amount of physical activity.


You can go to the gym and try to have at it yourself, but the fact is that the trainer knows the right combination of exercises, how to workout if you have an injury, and in that case, you end up saving money.

What will the last 10 years of your life look like?

Make Health Last