Programs offered by Mind & Body

Fast pace weight loss for heavier set people.

Mind & Body Personal Fitness Training offers training that is customized to the individuals needs and is also based on their current health condition. Mind & Body can customize a package custom made for your needs or if you are more familiar with a gym-buddy we offer sessions.

If you would like particular training for a particular sport such as marathon running, golf or curling, please take a moment to fill out our Custom Program form and we will contact you with our thoughts. We offer packages from one session to 24 sessions. Please review our pricing below.

Older Adults: (50-80 years of age)

Miss doing some physical activity with the kids?

Ever feel exhausted after performing basic tasks?

With the help of new research in training for middle and late aged adults, you can extend your life with a healthier body, giving you up to 10-20 times more energy each day.

Stop muscle and bone pain, and put a fire in your partners eyes. It’s as simple as a few visits a week with a CM+B trainer. We strive to create the safest program that will best suit your needs.

Athletes: (20-40 years of age)

Our team will go above and beyond to immediately help you prepare for your upcoming season or event.

We will develop a personalized program specifically for your sport of choice. It’s our drive and dedication that will help you reach any goals you aim to achieve and put you on top of the podium.

Weight Loss for All

At Complete Mind and Body we strive for nothing but the fastest, healthiest, and safest weight loss methods to help you shed the extra weight! Each one of our staff members is trained specifically on the best of the best weight loss methods that will have you ready for more!

Fitness Programs

Schedule a Personal Training Session

A username and password is required, contact us if you have lost yours. Join Mind & Body to create an account.

One on One Sessions

Sessions are 1 hour each.

Depending on your fitness level, 1 hour sessions can be converted to 2 – 30 minute sessions until you are ready for 1 hour sessions.

  • 1 free session (Text 306 591 5933, Contact Us or Message us on Facebook to claim)
  • 6 –  1 on 1 sessions and 3 group sessions for $300
  • 12 –  1 on 1 sessions and 3 group sessions for $450
  • 12  – 1 on 1 sessions and 10 group sessions for $500

Above prices exclude tax.

Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours
notice to cancel a session.

Please call or text
306 591 5933.