I met Jon in September 2015. He motivated me to push myself and through his wisdom I have achieved a lot more with him as a personal trainer by my side then I would have on my own. He is patient, caring and takes care of his own body as well so you have piece of mind that you are working with a professional.

P. G.

Jon was on my case for years to start training with him but I was always very hesitant to hire a personal trainer since I never worked out. When I was finally ready to hire a trainer he was the first one that came to mind. He helped me gain confidence, build strength and balance, gain muscle and increase my endurance.

He knew just how and when to encourage and when to push to keep me motivated. He keeps the workouts exciting and different. Jon is super knowledgeable and his explanations of the benefits of every exercise, nutrition, etc are super helpful.


I started training with Mr. Metz in August 2015. I was uncoordinated, scared of the gym, and did not think it possible to lose the weight and gain the muscle I wanted. In the last 6 months he has changed my entire view on the gym. I can go to the gym without feeling embarrassed but feel right at home. He teaches why we do the things we do and encourages me to go to the gym on my own and work towards being confident in my abilities.

When I go its just him and I at his facility, his high energy attitude is hard to ignore and makes it very funny and enjoyable while he knows just the perfect pace. I have been to several trainers around Regina and none have had the knowledge and charisma he brings to the table. Since  I met him I have put on a ton of muscle and lost almost all the weight I planned on. I have never met a trainer that cares about me in and out of the gym as he does. I couldn’t imagine a better personal trainer and overall person.

Thank you Jon for all your encouragement and knowledge I couldn’t have done it without you.

Joshua G.